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You are a dog breeder and have a female yellow labrador retriever, River, whom you would like to mate in order to get a little of puppies in all three colors (black, yellow, and chocolate). After reviewing her pedigree, you reason out that Rivers’s genotype is eebb. Remember that in Labrador retrievers coat color is determined by two different genes. The first gene (E) causes melanin to be deposited into the fur, while the second gene (B) determines the pigment color with black dominant to brown. You have three potential male labs with which to breed River. Angus is a black lab with a brown mom and a yellow dad. Cody is a yellow lab with two brown parents. Huggy is a chocolate lab with one brown and one black parent.

Mating River to which one of these males will result in puppies in all three colors? What is the correct male’s genotype? What are the genotypes of the offspring? What percentage of the offspring will be black, yellow, and chocolate? Be sure to show or explain your reasoningwork (i.e. draw out the Punnett square or explain the logic you used)!