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Your final project in Unit 9 is a research paper on autoimmune disease or an
immunodeficiency not covered in class. For your Unit 7 assignment, you will begin your
final project by gathering some preliminary information regarding your project and
answering the following questions:
1. Identify the autoimmune disease or an immunodeficiency you have
chosen to research for the Unit 9 paper.
2. Locate and review 3 journal articles on the subject of your paper. Include
the references in APA format and a brief (1-2 sentences) overview of the article
in your assignment.
3. List 5 questions you may have about the autoimmune disease or disorder
that you plan to answer in your paper. Your questions should cover one or more
of the following topics:
• symptoms, diagnosis, and possible treatments of the disease or disorder
• the specific immune components involved in the disease or disorder
• the cause of the disease or disorder (genetic, spontaneous, etc.)
Basic Writing Expectations
• Include a separate title page and reference page.
• Double space, font size 10 to 12 pt.
• Include a highly developed viewpoint/thesis, purpose and exceptional
• Demonstrate superior organization: use logic.
• Make certain that your paper is free of grammatical and spelling errors.
• Avoid plagiarism.
• Use APA style for all in-text citations and references.
• Always include an introduction and conclusion.